Simply put, we fuse glass in a kiln. But then again, nothing is simple when it comes to glass. It has such an amazingly complex personality, that only with love, patience, expertise, vision and a bit of luck can it be transformed into contemporary kiln art glass.

Our current focus in the studio is to produce beautiful and unique art glass jewellery and contemporary glass artworks. We are inspired by the African continent we live on, the magnificence of the ocean nearby, the timeless purity of the forest around the studio and the harmony of geometries found in the very essence of life itself.

We welcome special projects and commissions for unique focus pieces, architectural art glass panels, luminaires and interior and exterior installations. With our architectural background we are able to work with the consultant team and clients to visualise, design and implement glass installations to transform space and add that special bit of magic.

Helga Stassen is a qualified professional architect. She has always been mesmerized by the possibility to sculpt with light and has often found herself transfixed in a cathedral being showered in coloured light. Having an insatiable need to make things by hand and having discovered the wonders of kiln-formed glass in 2009, she decided to pursue her passion in working with this alchemical medium fulltime. To further deepen her knowledge she has attended courses in the United States, UK and Italy, and continues to study the intricate marriage between technical expertise and pure inspiration.


With a deep love for our medium, we strive to create beautiful works of glass. Our imagination is stirred by the magical qualities of glass – be it coloured light beyond the glass itself, the chemical alchemy or even the delicateness of melted glass powder.


You can experience the magic of Glass Roots by visiting our online shop or retail outlets, by visiting the forest studio or even by enjoying a glass artwork custom-made just for you.


Our products are available online as well as at outlets in the Garden Route. Our gem of a little shop in Plettenberg Bay has welcomed many gift-seekers, space designers and lovers of glass.


From our idyllic forest studio we offer creative experiences, retreats and tours combing Glass, Nature and all the senses. Our aim is to celebrate the wonder and beauty of life itself and leave our visitors truly inspired.


By constantly developing our own glass artistry, we aim to produce world-class kiln glass art. We also accept larger-scale commissions for architectural installations and bespoke projects.


We are committed to produce contemporary art glass of the highest standard and to spread the magic of this beautiful medium.

With so many aspects of glass that inspires, we follow this mantra: Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies and the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul. Kandinsky